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Standard Filters


Raceworks Billet inline filters contain a total filtration surface area of 374 square centimetres. The filters are directional and washable, and suitable for high horsepower applications, supporting up to 2400LPH @ 3Bar. See below for more detailed flow ratings.

Stainless lifetime elements and E85 Safe
AN-10 ORB. 50mm DIA. Body Length of 110mm. Overall Length is 140mm excluding Male Fittings.

Which Micron level is suitable? The lower the micron level, the finer the particle it filters, but the more restrictive the filter is on flow. Raceworks recommended a 100 or 75micron filter for use pre-pump, and a 40 or 10micron filter for use post-pump (Pre injectors).

Micron Maximum Flow Rating @ 3Bar* Part Number
10 1500LPH ALY-077-10BK
40 1800LPH ALY-077-40BK
75 2100LPH ALY-077-75BK
100 2400LPH ALY-077-100BK

*Maximum flow rate measured with a pressure drop across the filter of 2psi

Fittings to Suit

AN Male Flare Straight

AN-4 RWF-920-04-10BK
AN-6 RWF-920-06-10BK
AN-8 RWF-920-08-10BK
AN-10 RWF-920-10-BK
AN-12 RWF-920-12-10BK


AN Male Flare Straight with 1/8″ NPT Port



Barb Straight

5/16″ RWF-414-10-05BK
3/8″ RWF-414-10-06BK
1/2″ RWF-414-10-08BK
5/8″ RWF-414-10-10BK


Barb 90deg

3/8″ RWF-415-10-06BK
1/2″ RWF-415-10-08BK


AN Male Flare Straight Long

AN-10 RWF-920-10LBK


AN Male Flare 45deg

AN-10 RWF-923-10BK


AN Male Flare 90deg

AN-8 RWF-922-08-10BK
AN-10 RWF-922-10BK
AN-12 RWF-922-12-10BK


Banjo Kit

AN-6 RWF-909-06-10BK
AN-8 RWF-909-08-10BK
AN-10 RWF-909-10BK


AN Female Swivel

AN-10 RWF-907-10BK



AN-8 RWF-921-08-10BK
AN-10 RWF-921-10-10BK


Billet Filter Bracket

Fuel System
E85 Safe Plastic Fuel Pump Tubing
8 – 10mm I.D
120mm long
250mm long
8mm I.D
160mm long
225mm long
10mm I.D
160mm long
240mm long
480mm long
Injector Extensions
3/4-> Full Length 14mm-11mm
3/4-> Full Length 14mm-14mm
Short ->3/4 14mm-11mm
Short ->3/4 14mm-14mm
Short -> Full Length 14mm-11mm
Short -> Full Length 14mm-14mm
Retaining Clips PK8
Injector Lower Adapter Suits Honda B Series
Injector Lower Adapter Suits Honda F20C (S2000)
Injector Lower Sleeve Kit
Injector O-Rings
Injector Upper Hose Tail Adapter
In-Tank Pump Strainer Remote Mounting Kit
Lower Injector Mounting Bosses
Mazda 13BT S4 Onwards (4 Pack)
Nissan SR20 S13/180SX REDTOP (4 Pack)
Toyota 1JZ/2JZ (6 Pack)
R33 RB25DET/ S14 S15 SR20DET (6 Pack)
Universal 14mm
E85 Safe PTFE Fuel Pump Tubing
Carburettor Throttle Cable Brackets
Pierburg/Ti Automotive (Walbro) Pump Brackets
43.5mm Black Single Pump Bracket
43.5mm Black Twin Pump Bracket
Fuel Filter Brackets
50mm Black Single Filter Bracket
Raceworks/Bosch Pump Brackets
60mm Billet Single Pump Bracket
60mm Billet Twin Pump Bracket
60mm Twin Pump Bracket
Carburettor Fuel Line Kits
Holley Dual Feed
Holley HP/QFT Dual Feed
Demon Dual Feed
Dominator Dual Feed
Carburettor Throttle Linkages
Fuel Pressure Regulators
Bosch Regulators
Billet Inline Filter Endcap – Suits ALY-077 Filters
Inline AN-6 Bosch Regulator Adapter
EFI 3port – FPR-501BK
EFI 3port – FPR-502BK
Replacement FPR Diaphragm
Single/Twin Fuel Pump Hanger
Fuel Injector Upgrade Guide
1000cc Raceworks 3/4 Length – INJ-213
1000cc Raceworks Full Length – INJ-505
1000cc Raceworks Full Length – INJ-505-11mm
1000cc Raceworks 3/4 Length – INJ-501
1100cc Raceworks Short – INJ-500
1200cc Raceworks 3/4 Length – INJ-504
1200cc Raceworks 3/4 Length – INJ-504-11mm
1200cc Raceworks Short With Extended Nose – INJ-502
1500cc Bosch Motorsport Short – INJ-223
Injector Extensions
3/4-> Full Length 14mm-11mm
3/4-> Full Length 14mm-14mm
Retaining Clips PK8
Short ->3/4 14mm-11mm
Short ->3/4 14mm-14mm
Short -> Full Length 14mm-11mm
Short -> Full Length 14mm-14mm
Injector Lower Sleeve Kit
Injector Mounts
Injector O-Rings
Fuel Filters
Filters & Housings
Barbed Inline Filters
Long Filter Housing
Premium Motorsport Filters
Standard Filters
Standard Filter Housing
Replacement Filter Elements & O-Rings
Bronze Elements
Standard and Long Elements
Replacement O-Ring for Fuel Filters
MRA Conversion Kits
Bolt In
Ford BA
Holden VE
Holden VT
Holden VX
Weld In
Ford BA
Holden VE
Holden VT
Holden VX
Bottle Adapter Fittings
Bottle Brackets
Pulsation Dampers
E85 Safe Plastic Fuel Pump Tubing
120mm long
160mm long, 8mm ID
160mm long, 10mm ID
225mm long, 8mm ID
240mm long, 10mm ID
High Pressure External Pumps
300LPH E85 External Pump – EFP-506
310LPH External Pump – EFP-502
High Pressure In-Tank Pumps
340LPH E85 Pump (Inline) – EFP-500
340LPH E85 In-tank Pump (Inline) – EFP-501
Low Pressure External Pumps
365LPH Red Pump – EFP-600
415LPH Blue Pump – EFP-601
530LPH Black E85 Pump – EFP-602
Replacement Fuel Pump Strainers
Pressure Gauges
0-100PSI Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
0-15PSI Pressure Gauge
Bare Extrusion
A-Series Large Bore
Mounting Hardware
Clevises & Posts
External Injector Mounts
VE-VF Commodore LS2/LS3/L76/L77/L98 (6.0/6.2L)
VL Commodore RB30 (3.0L)
VL-VT Commodore 304 (5.0L)
VT-VZ Commodore GEN-III LS1 (5.7L)
EF-BF Falcon (4.0L)
FG Falcon (4.0L)
EA-ED Falcon (3.9L/4.0L)
Cosmo JC 13BT
RX-7 FC Series 4/5 13BT
RX-7 FD Series 6/7/8 13BT
Lancer Evolution IV – IX (2.0L)
Patrol Y61 GU (4.8L)
Silvia/180SX S13, Pulsar N14/N15 and NX SR20 (2.0L)
Silvia/200SX S14/S15 SR20 (2.0L)
Skyline R33 & Stagea C34 Series 1 RB25DET (2.5L)
Skyline GT-R R32/R33/R34 & Stagea C34 RB26DETT (2.6L)
Skyline R31 RB30 (3.0L)
Skyline R33 & Stagea C34 Series 1 RB25DET (2.5L)
Skyline R34 & Stagea C34 Series 2 RB25DET (2.5L)
Skyline R32 & Cefiro A31Series RB20DET (2.0L)
BRZ (2.0L)
Impreza WRX EJ20 V3/4 MY97/98 (2.0L)
Impreza WRX EJ20 V5/6 MY99/00 (2.0L)
86 (2.0L)
Supra JZA80 & Aristo 2JZGTE (3.0L)