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2.5L Suits Single/Double/Triple Pumps

Raceworks > Tanks > Surge Tanks > 2.5L Suits Single/Double/Triple Pumps


Specifications Part Number
3x AN-8 ORB, 3x AN-10 ORB. Height: 264mm, Width: 108mm, Depth: 108mm
Dimensions don’t include fittingsIncluded Fittings: 3x AN-8 Male Flare, 2x AN-10 Male Flare, 2x AN-10 ORB Plugs.

Can be configured with a single, twin or triple pumps.


Surge Tanks and Catch Cans Plumbing Guide

For Single outlet when using twin pumps, use either RWF-940-08BK log, or RWF-939-08-10BK Y-Block