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Internal Breathers

Raceworks > Tanks > Catch Cans > Internal Breathers

These tanks can’t be plumbed back to the intake, however they offer a neat, compact, stealth solution for you engine bay. Includes an ORB plug and T-Bolt style mounting clamp. The tanks breathe on the underside of the lid.


Twin AN-12 ORB Ports (Y-Shaped). Internally Baffled
Volume Body Height Body Diameter Max Height Inc Tap Height with Drain Plug Part Number
1L 172mm 105mm (118mm Lid) 205mm 180mm ALY-133BK
2.4L 262mm 123mm (136mm Lid) 270mm ALY-196BK


Straight Ports

Specifications Part Number
1L Breather Tank with twin AN-10 ORB Ports (Straight)
Internally Baffled
Body Height Body Diameter Max Width Max Height Inc Tap Height With Drain Plug
172mm 105mm (118mm Lid) 107mm (118mm Lid) 205mm 180mm

Billet Bracket

Part Number
Optional, replaces T-Bolt Clamp
Only suitable for use with 1L tanks above