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Raceworks Steering Wheels are designed with motorsport in mind. They are constructed using 5mm thick aluminium spokes, and many hours of testing has been done with the wheels in a hydraulic press, and fitted in vehicles. This ensures they are extremely tough and won’t bend in half in an accident! They contain a 6x70mm bolt pattern, similar to other brands such as Grant, NRG, OMP, Sparco and Momo. The wheels come without any accessories, however both blanking plates and horn buttons are available.

Raceworks Leather Wheels have a Black Upper Indicator at the 12 O’Clock position.

Dished Wheels have a depth of 72mm

Stitching Colour Part Number
Black VPR-196BK
Red VPR-196RD
Blue VPR-196BE
Grey VPR-196GY
Orange VPR-196OR
Yellow VPR-196YL
Vehicle Preparation & Safety
Arm Restraint
Battery Switches & Cables
Battery Master Switch With Field Cut
2.2M Remote Cable Kit
4M Remote Cable Kit
Billet Battery Mount Suits Optima
Carbon Fibre Sheet
Harnesses & Accessories
2″ Snap In Harness Ends
3″ Snap In Harness Ends
Harness Eye Bolt With Nut and Washer
Short Eyelets
Steel Motorsport Australia Approved Harness Mounts
4 Point Harnesses
5 Point Harnesses
Black, 2-3″ Hans Approved Shoulder Belts
Black, 3″ Shoulder Belts
Red, 2-3″ Hans Approved Shoulder Belts
Red, 3″ Shoulder Belts
6 Point Harnesses
Black, 2-3″ Hans Approved Shoulder Belts FIA Approved
Black, 3″ Shoulder Belts FIA Approved
Black, 3″ Shoulder Belts SFI Approved
Red, 2-3″ Hans Approved Shoulder Belts FIA Approved
Red, 3″ Shoulder Belts FIA Approved
Red, 3″ Shoulder Belts SFI Approved
Helmet Hammocks
Fabric Material
Net Material
Motorsport Decals
Radiator Caps
Seats & Mounts
Seat Mounts
110mm Black Mild Steel
125mm 6061 T5 Aluminium
125mm Black Carbon Steel
160mm Black Mild Steel
Steering Wheels
Blanking Plates
Horn Buttons
Deep Dish
Thermal Products
Titanium Exhaust Wrap
Fibreglass Hose Heat Shield Sleeving
Gold Reflective Adhesive Heatproofed Sheeting
Gold Reflective Adhesive Heatproof Tape
Spark Plug Boot Heatshields
Stainless Steel Locking Ties
Turbo Beanies
Tow Hooks & Straps
Tow Hook Long
Tow Hook Short
Tow Strap Black
Tow Strap Blue
Tow Strap Camouflage
Tow Strap Digital Camouflage
Tow Strap Gold
Tow Strap Green
Tow Strap Orange
Tow Strap Pink
Tow Strap Purple
Tow Strap Red
Tow Strap Silver
Tow Strap Yellow
Window Nets & Accessories
24″ Window Net Fitting Kit
Loop Style Nets
Nets With Lower Straps
Oblong Nets