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Worm Drive Clamps

Raceworks > Clamps > Worm Drive Clamps

Raceworks solid band clamps are made of 304 grade Stainless Steel. This includes the Band, Housing and Screw. The screw head has a width of 7mm, and each part number is a pack of 10pcs.

Part Number Size Range Band Width Band Thickness Suits Raceworks Vacuum Hose
CLB-210 40-55mm 11.7mm 0.9mm 1.50″
CLB-211 38-57mm 11.7mm 0.9mm 1.75″
CLB-211 38-57mm 11.7mm 0.9mm 1.75″
CLB-212 50-70mm 11.7mm 0.9mm 2.00″
CLB-213 58-75mm 11.7mm 0.9mm 2.25″
CLB-214 60-80mm 11.7mm 0.9mm 2.50″
CLB-215 79-90mm 11.7mm 0.9mm 2.75″ & 3.00″
CLB-216 90-120mm 11.7mm 0.9mm 3.50″, 3.75″ & 4.00″