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Turbo Beanies

Raceworks Extreme Duty Turbo Beanies, also referred to as Turbo Blankets, are constructed using a high temp titanium outer material, and silica fiber fabric insulation layer interally. The result is a temperature rating of 1000degC.

Suits Part Number
GT25/T28 & T3 External Gate RWM-046
GT25/T28 & T3 External Gate Reverse Rotation RWM-046-R
GT30-35/GT40 External Gate RWM-047
GT30-35/GT40 External Gate – Reverse Rotation RWM-047-R
T04 & GT42 External Gate RWM-048
T04 & GT42 External Gate – Reverse Rotation RWM-048-R
GT45/GT47 External Gate RWM-049