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Vacuum Hose (Rubber)

Raceworks > Silicone & Vacuum Hose > Vacuum Hose (Rubber)


All Raceworks Rubber Vacuum Hose has a length of 5M and meets SAE J30 R7.


ID OD Part Number
3.2mm 9.0mm LPH-030-05M
4.0mm 10.0mm LPH-040-05M
4.8mm 11.0mm LPH-050-05M
6.0mm 12.7mm LPH-060-05M
6.5mm 12.7mm LPH-065-05M
7.9mm 14.0mm LPH-080-05M
9.5mm 16.0mm LPH-100-05M
12.7mm 20.0mm LPH-125-05M