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Hitachi 90mm

Specifications Size Brand Part Number PDF Spec Sheet
Comes with Plug and Pins
Intake Manifold weld rings and pipe clamp adapters coming soon!
Can be used with our APS-003 or APS-008 Accelerator Pedal Sensors
90mm Hitachi TBO-089 Download TBO-089 Spec Sheet PDF
Accelerator Pedal Sensors
1/8″ NPT Pressure Sensor Flexible Hose Extension Kit
M10 x 1.0 Remote Sensor Mount Kit Suits Bosch Sensors
Remote Sensor Blocks / Manifolds
Adjustable Pressure Switch
Air Pressure (MAP) Sensors
Bosch TMAP Aluminium Weld Flange
Collector Kits
Bosch TMAP
2.5 Bar TMAP Sensor
3 Bar TMAP Sensor
4 Bar TMAP Sensor
Universal – Barbed Inlet
1.15 Bar Motorsport MAP Sensor
2 Bar GM MAP Sensor
2.5 Bar Motorsport MAP Sensor
3 Bar GM MAP Sensor
3.0 Bar Motorsport MAP Sensor
4 Bar Motorsport MAP Sensor
Universal – Threaded
4 Bar Motorsport MAP Sensor
5 Bar Motorsport MAP Sensor
5 Bar TI MAP Sensor
5 Bar Variohm Eurosensor MAP Sensor
6.5 Bar TI MAP Sensor
8 Bar Variohm Eurosensor MAP Sensor
17 Bar TI MAP Sensor
Vehicle Specific
2 Bar MAP Sensor Gen 3
2.7 Bar MAP Sensor Gen 4
Air Temperature
1/8″ NPT Air Temp Sensor
1/8″ NPT Motorsport Air Temp Sensor
Boost Control Solenoid Mounts
Engine Position
Bosch Reluctor Sensor
Honeywell GT101 Single Channel Hall Sensor
Trigger Wheels
ZF/Cherry Red Hall Sensor
ZF/Cherry Stainless Sensor
Flex Fuel Sensors
Compact Flex Fuel Composition & Temperature Sensor
Flex Fuel Composition & Temperature Sensor
Fluid Pressure Sensors
30PSI (2Bar) Variohm Eurosensor Pressure Sensor
100PSI (7Bar) Variohm Eurosensor Pressure Sensor
145PSI (10Bar) Bosch Pressure & Temperature Sensor
145PSI (10Bar) Motorsport Sensor
150PSI (10Bar) TI Pressure Sensor
150PSI (10Bar) Variohm Eurosensor Pressure Sensor
250PSI (17Bar) TI Pressure Sensor
250PSI (17Bar) Variohm Eurosensor Pressure Sensor
500PSI (34Bar) Variohm Eurosensor Pressure Sensor
2000PSI (138Bar) Variohm Eurosensor Pressure Sensor
Fluid Temperature
1/8″ NPT Fluid Temp Sensor
1/8″ NPT Motorsport Fluid Temp Sensor
1/8″ NPT Variohm Eurosensor High Range Sensor
Remote Idle Speed Control Kit
Throttle Bodies
Drive By Wire Throttle Body Kits
Aluminium Manifold Weld Flanges
Bosch 32mm
Bosch 68mm
Bosch 74mm
Bosch 82mm
Hitachi 90mm
Linkage Style Pierburg
Throttle Position Sensors
Motorsport TPS 3Pin CW Rotation
Motorsport TPS 3Pin CCW Rotation
Raceworks Motorsport 3pin CW/CCW TPS
Variohm EuroSensor Contactless TPS